How to Wear Loafers?

What Are Loafers?

People have been wearing loafers for over a hundred years. The first “Wildsmith Loafer” was made in 1847 by the London-based shoe company Wildsmith Shoes. The loafer was intended to be a casual slip-on shoe for use in the country homes of aristocrats.

The man credited with introducing loafers to the masses was Norwegian shoemaker Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger. As a teenager, he spent many years learning and perfecting his craft in America, before returning to his hometown of Aurland. Inspired by his travels, Tveranger designed a moccasin in 1930 that combined the styles of the Iroquois Native Americans and the Aurland locals. Norway began distributing these shoes across Europe, where they were adopted by visiting Americans.

The shoes featured in a photo article on Esquire due to their popularity. Then, the Spaulding family of New Hampshire decided to get in on the act, and began to manufacture their version of Tveranger’s shoes, giving them the name “loafers.”

How to Wear Loafers

  • Penny loafers are a versatile pair of shoes that you can wear with most outfits
  • Tassel loafers are great for a smart/casual look with a blazer and chinos.
  • Suede is perfect for loafers. However, suede loafers must be protected with a Suede Spray.


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How to: Wear Converse, four ways

Feels like Converse have been around forever, that’s because good design never goes out of style. They win on most fronts: they’re comfortable, they go with most casual clothes, and they’ll never look trendy or dated.

“We recommend Converse all the time because they go with almost everything,Would I wear them with a suit? No. But they can smarten up jeans and a t-shirt just as they add some casual energy to more formal clothes. Barring suits, there’s little they don’t go with.”


how-to-wear-black-wide-legged-trousers-varsity-jacket-white-shirt-low-top-converse-brown-bag1. For when you want to try something new

Outfit: White Converse, jacket, white shirt and formal trousers

Why this works: “In this outfit, we’ve mixed the trainers with a casual shirt, a jacket that’s a bit smarter, and formal trousers. This feels like a wide range of clothes to wear together, but the fact that everything’s so simple makes it work. Plus the Converse are a good fit: smart leather shoes would clash too much with the top half of the outfit, while sporty trainers wouldn’t go with the trousers.”


317e859d4376606ba9afe5ad5fc8070f2. For an afternoon that might turn into a night out

Outfit: White Converse, cable knit jumper and navy chinos

Why this works: “This outfit won’t look out of place when you’re running errands, but it will also serve you well at a nicer restaurant. The Converse are relaxed and comfortable for when you’re busy and on your feet, but again the simplicity can err a bit smarter, too.”


david-beckham-adidas-stan-smith-sneakers3. For when you’re wearing all dark colours

Outfit: Blue T-shirt, black jeans and white Converse.

Why this works: “Because Converse are logo-less and familiar, they can add that bright element to an otherwise-dark outfit without overpowering the other clothes.”

4795915_img_51034. For every weekend

Outfit: White Converse, grey hoodie, white shirt and indigo jeans

Why this works: “All these pieces are known for being comfortable, but they’re also a little more considered than your average basics: The Converse are more understated than sporty trainers, the hoodie’s made by its half-zip and fit, the shirt is neat and the jeans are dark and slim.”




Because a leather jacket should fall at your waist, baggy or low-rise jeans will make you look dumpy. Avoid anything relaxed or with a boot cut. Instead, opt for straight or slim pants.

For a dressier look, wear a cafe racer in place of a blazer, or slip a turtleneck underneath for a sophisticated vibe.

When it comes to footwear, your leather shoes and leather jacket don’t have to match perfectly. If fact, they shouldn’t—it’ll look like you’re trying too hard.

Go ahead and mix black and brown leathers. Stick to dark shades and you’ll never go wrong.